Hot tapping and line stopping services

TONISCO System Ltd together with TONISCO Service Ltd has been offering high quality hot tapping and line stopping services almost 50 years. TONISCO hot tapping and line stopping method enables expansion and modification of pipe networks to be done under pressure without any interruption or stopping the network. Hot tapping is a common practice when specific parts of a pipeline network have been damaged or require modifications. Line stopping isolates certain parts of the pipeline network, which can support hot tapping services.

Our hot tapping equipment allows us to make branches from DN10 to DN800. Pipeline materials can vary from plastic and composite to stainless steel; our hot tapping machines will get the job done!

Hot tapping services in 20 countries

TONISCO has been providing hot tapping services to customers in 20 countries, covering public and private sectors. By working closely together with our customers, TONISCO specialists are able to provide the best and optimal solutions to different types of alteration work on pressurized pipeline networks without stopping the flow or the processes connected to them. Hot tapping is an effective way of making variations to a pipeline while they remain in service, saving both time and the environment.

TONISCO Service team executes;

  • Hot tapping
  • Line stopping
  • PT100 Temperature sensor pocket installations
  • Welding of pressurized pipelines
  • Installation works in pressurized pipelines
  • Insulation of pipelines
  • Sparkles cutting of pipelines


  • District Heating and Cooling networks
  • Water Distribution networks
  • HVAC
  • Process Industry
  • Gas and Oil networks

TONISCO hot tapping and line stopping methods are cost effective, safe and environmental friendly way to perform alteration and maintenance works to pipe line networks under pressure. Our high quality standards ensure that our customers always get the best hot tapping and line stopping service possible. Watch how we do it in the video below!

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